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A Heart for Freedom

Freedom Calling started through a group of volunteers at Everyday Church who had a heart to reach out and bring freedom to those in the commercial sex trade. 

The initial vision was to develop relationships and reach out to those working in the local strip clubs in the Central Coast of California, but as we did further research it soon became apparent that the problem was much bigger and more complex than we realized. We discovered an abundance of massage parlours offering sexual services online, along with many undercover brothels and escort services in the area.

Increasing Awareness

As we increased in awareness of the problem, we discovered that although in some nations poverty is a key driving factor for many women getting into the commercial sex trade, that wasn’t necessarily the case in the US and particularly for those we have built relationship with through this ministry. 


The need to escape the poverty of our souls is key and what we believe is driving force for the commercial sex trade in our nation. Our society is calling for greater levels of family and genuine Christ-like love. We have a responsibility to meet these needs, showing worth and belonging to all we meet and pointing people back to the one, true source of unconditional love - Jesus!

The Call

The question that lingers in most of our hearts in response to this complex problem and heart breaking reality is, ‘But what can I do?’


We believe that as we follow Christ’s leading, we can be the answer! We can be a people that share worth and belonging. We can be a people that point to a greater, everlasting hope. We can be a people that display a pure, authentic, Christ-like love. No little girl dreams of being a sex slave or a prostitute when they grow up. No little boy desires to be abused or use his sisters for profit. 

We are calling back the dreams of our children, the innocence of princes and princesses.

We are calling for a culture grounded in love, honor and dignity.

We are calling for freedom. 

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