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Whether you would like to give a one off donation or be a regular donor, we appreciate your support!

Outreach Initiatives

A simple gift can go a long way! Help us purchase gifts for our weekly visits including gifts to just say, 'We care!' and essential kits for women living on the streets. We are also in the process of starting up a new outreach initiative called 

Here for you - an online resource that will enable us to provide support for so many more women!

Discipleship Materials

As we build upon our relationships with each of the women, we have had the privilege of  being able to disciple 

some of them in a number of ways. Help us to continue this vital work by donating towards discipleship materials such as Mandarin bibles, study guides, translation of books, Mandarin to English interpretation and much more!

Rescue Funds

Reaching out to people who are sometimes in very vulnerable situations means there are times when we require immediate mobilisation, to be able to support someone in their moment of need! We have funds specifically set aside for such times, with support 

covering anything from medical care 

to counselling to

emergency housing.

& Admin

Like any organisation, we have a number of 

administrative costs and overhead fees that keep is running in the day-to-day. As we look to expand our team and range of services these will only increase. By suppporting us with our hospitality and admin costs you can help us to focus on what we do best - bringing many people to freedom!

Help us support a resident through our much needed housing  program by becoming a freedom champion and giving $80 a month.

Residential Program
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