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Residential Housing


Freedom Callings Residential Housing Program is based in San Luis Obispo county and provides women leaving the commercial sex trade a safe refuge, along with a supportive community, and the tools needed  to rebuild their lives outside the industry. Read more about the program below or become a Freedom Champion by giving on a monthly basis to support a resident in the program.


Housing Program

Our program ‘Healing then Dreaming’ is two-fold; first focusing on holistic healing; body, soul and spirit and then focusing on the practical tools needed to fulfill ones dreams and destiny. 


Healing includes physical activity, renewing mind, healing from trauma, counseling and therapy projects. Dreaming includes personal coaching, vision development and teaching of life skills.

Alongside this will be practical opportunities to learn and grow skills, with increasing levels of freedom and responsibility. We will connect the women with local businesses to offer a range of vocational and academic study, work and volunteering opportunities. 

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