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Image by Jordan McQueen

Find your place in the fight.

Action steps you can take today to find your place and your voice in the fight against human trafficking.


Add the National Hotline to your cell phone:


Learn the signs of both sex and labor trafficking. Click HERE to view online and in-person education and advocacy events.


Volunteer and support anti-trafficking groups with your time, expertise, and/or $$. Click HERE to learn more about Freedom Calling's volunteer opportunities and HERE to donate.


Become an Ambassador of Hope with Shared Hope International. It's free and easy to access online.Visit Shared Hope International for more info.


Be a conscientious consumer and make a difference with your shopping dollars. Check out Responsible Sourcing and the US Department of Labor for guidance.


Get informed on upcoming bills, state, and local laws. Write to your elected officials to let them know you care about combating human trafficking and ask what they are doing to combat it. Click HERE to find contact information. 

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